LastWords with TypeTrace

Your Last Words in 10min

  What would you write if you leave a message for your loved one, at the very last moment of your life? We use TypeTrace, a software that record and replay the process of writing, to collect multitude of Last Words from the public.
  The time limit is 10 minutes.

Exhibition at the JUT Museum’s "LIVES" show

   The collected #10minLastWords will be exhibited at the JutArt Museum’s “LIVES” show, starting from the 19th March 2022, and ending on the 31st July, 2022. Your submission will be anonymous and no personal information would be collected during the process. Please note that your text might be selected to be exhibited at this show and other related events, including online exhibition. Please proceed if you agree to this condition.
We hope to show as many submissions as possible, but should we receive more than we can display, we will screen them.

How to Write

Step1 Decide who to send your last words
Step2 Think of what you want to convey
Step3 Write within 10 minutes
Start writing when your are ready

※ Supported browsers are Chrome and Safari only. You cannot submit nor play back correctly the last words on other browsers.


LastWords/TypeTrace Production Team

Artist dividual inc. (Takumi Endo, Dominique Chen)
Technical Director Shinya Matsuyama (siro)
Editor Yusuke Ujita (Thinking)
Privacy Policy / Guideline