LastWords / TypeTrace Guidelines

What is typetrace

typetrace is a service that records and plays back the keyboard writing process. You can post and display from a browser on your PC or smartphone.

※ Currently, only supported browsers are Chrome and Safari.

By sharing the process of "how did you write each other", I would like to make such a place where you can pay respect to the movement of the mind that each person cares about. Please read these guidelines to help create a pleasant and enjoyable community through positive communication through the sharing of the writing process

Post Rule Violation

The actions specified below (including the actions that trigger them) are considered as a violation of the rules when using Actions that fall under the following may be deleted by management.

(1) An act of posting something that violates social norms or something that bothers other people

· One-sided accusations and slanders

· Acts leading to crimes

· Human rights abuses, discrimination, hate speech, actions to promote them

· Intimidation against others, harassment act

(2) Acts against public order and morals, sexual and violent expressions (delicious images, remarks etc.)

(3) Acts for the purpose of meeting opposite sex, such as recruitment of lovers

(4) Exchanging and publishing ID and QR code of other services for the purpose of meeting

(5) Comments on personal information

(6) Recruitment to a specific group or organization

(7) Acts aimed at for-profit, their act of preparation

(8) Acts of posting the same content more than once

(9) Acts that cause inconvenience or damage to us or third parties

(10) Other actions that we judge to be inappropriate

Please contact us at if you find a prohibited act.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us if you have any questions, complaints, or consultation regarding the handling of personal information in this service.

April 1, 2019 created

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